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    Stress and Tinnitus – A Match Made in Heaven

    stress and tinnitus

    Here’s an old story about arrows. If you’ll indulge me, you’ll see how it relates to stress and Tinnitus… Shortly after the first arrow strikes, your mind goes on a rampage, adding to the pain of the first. You might even add a third, fourth or fifth arrow. In the analogy, the first arrow represents the […]

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    Ringing in Ears? Some Say it’s a Message From the Spiritual Realm

    ringing in ears

    So here’s a new take on Tinnitus. Well, maybe it’s not new but it certainly is new to me… According to the website Before It’s News, ringing in ears (or whooshing or buzzing) could be a sign that you’re being summoned to a higher spiritual dimension. Now, I try to keep an open mind toward […]

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    Tinnitus • How to Keep an Open Mind Despite the Ringing


    SCAM! FRAUD! RIPOFF! STRING THIS GUY UP AND RIP OUT HIS TOENAILS! Slow down there, angry mob… If you’re a fan of Stop the Ringing at our public Facebook page or our private Facebook Group, you might have already seen the letter below. I wrote it on another Facebook group page, in response to someone […]

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