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    Man Accidentally Rids Himself of Tinnitus With a Hair Loss Pill

    biotin and Tinnitus

    A Texas man, trying to restore his hair, happened across a way to quiet his Tinnitus. He was so delighted with the results that he wrote a letter to the Houston Chronicle to “share the wealth”, as it were. The following is the exact letter he wrote to the paper; So, he tried to make […]

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    Tinnitus Treatment With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

    tinnitus treatment

    Can a “Head Shrinker” really deliver effective Tinnitus Treatment? While it may not be a “cure”, psychotherapy is a very good approach to living a happy life in spite of Tinnitus. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? This is the official definition, according to Psychology Today: OK, great. What does that have to do with […]

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    To Our Dear Friends in the UK – Tinnitus Drug Trials in Your Neighborhood

    tinnitus drug trials

    For those of you in the UK who are seeking access to a Tinnitus drug, your chance may be at hand. Autifony Therapeutics is conducting phase 2 of a study they’re calling QUIET-1. In phase 2 of this study, they’re comparing the effect of the new AUT00063 drug to a placebo (dummy drug) after four weeks […]

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    Treating Tinnitus – Do Holistic Remedies Work?

      Before I write a single word more, I want to get something out there because I think it’s important to say: This post is NOT endorsing holistic or any other “alternative” remedies as a miracle cure for tinnitus.  If you are reading this hoping for a magic solution to stop the ringing in your […]

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    Are Hearing Aids an Effective Tinnitus Treatment?

    tinnitus hearing aids

    Tinnitus can increase stress levels, create concentration issues, negatively influence the ability to relax, and so many more issues. These problems can be intrusive, not only in social environments, but can affect sufferers professionally as well. People with tinnitus often perceive themselves as poor conversationalists and that can result in depression, loneliness, annoyance, anger, and […]

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    Natural and Nutritional Treatments for Tinnitus

    tinnitus natural remedies

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