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    Recognizing Veterans With Tinnitus for Memorial Day

    Soldiers and Tinnitus

    In honor of Memorial Day, we here at Stop the Ringing would like to take this chance to recognize the many current and former service members who developed Tinnitus as a result of their tours of duty. In the US, Memorial Day is traditionally a day to pay respect to our fallen service members, not […]

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    Scientists Make a Quantum Leap in Tinnitus Research

    tinnitus in the brain

    Groundbreaking Tinnitus Research For the first time in history, researchers have mapped the impulses of the brain responsible for the “auditory phantom” know as Tinnitus. And the results are nothing short of astonishing. For as long as we’ve been digging into the subject, Tinnitus has been believed to center around the auditory cortex, the bundle […]

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    Amazing Documentary on Tinnitus

    tinnitus video

    This is a very compelling documentary that reveals the true struggle of those who suffer from Tinnitus. Be warned, however, that it includes lots of horrible noise samples, designed to let those without Tinnitus know what the experience is like. For those of us with Tinnitus, we really don’t need those horrid sounds added to […]

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