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    Man Accidentally Rids Himself of Tinnitus With a Hair Loss Pill

    biotin and Tinnitus

    A Texas man, trying to restore his hair, happened across a way to quiet his Tinnitus. He was so delighted with the results that he wrote a letter to the Houston Chronicle to “share the wealth”, as it were. The following is the exact letter he wrote to the paper; So, he tried to make […]

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    Food Can Be a Tinnitus Cure. Here’s Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Know That

    Tinnitus Cure

    Food as a Tinnitus Cure If you’ve been around Stop the Ringing for any length of time, you probably know that I’m constantly harping on how the food we eat has a massive impact on Tinnitus. In fact, I’ve written a book on it, which you can download below, completely free. That’s how important the […]

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    Blowers and Whackers and Trimmers, Oh My! Spring Hearing Damage is on its Way!

    lawn mowing tinnitus

    Ahhh, Spring… As the world emerges from its slumber, thoughts turn toward lemonade, sunshine and… yard-work induced hearing damage. While hearing protection is important for anyone who has ears, it’s critical for those of us who suffer from Tinnitus. And something as simple as mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges can have a dramatic […]

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    Is Suicide the Only Cure for Tinnitus? It was for Gaby Olthuis…

    tinnitus suicide

    I posted this video on Facebook a few weeks ago, not really knowing what to say in the comment section. I think I was hoping that posting it would help me to forget it and move on. Sadly, it has not. When I find myself laying awake at night, hearing the ring at its loudest, in […]

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    Fame Won’t Stop the Ringing – 20 Celebrities With Tinnitus

    Steve Martin

    Steve Martin   A top comedian, writer, producer, and musician Steve is a celebrity that has seen it all, scooping big awards such as Emmy, Grammy and American Comedy Awards. He’s regarded as a top stand-up comedian. Steve acquired tinnitus while shooting Three Amigos in a pistol shooting scene back in 1986. When asked how […]

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