Man Accidentally Rids Himself of Tinnitus With a Hair Loss Pill

    biotin and Tinnitus

    A Texas man, trying to restore his hair, happened across a way to quiet his Tinnitus. He was so delighted with the results that he wrote a letter to the Houston Chronicle to “share the wealth”, as it were. The following is the exact letter he wrote to the paper; So, he tried to make […]

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    Are You Eating These 10 Super Foods That Could Cure Your Tinnitus?

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    Stress and Tinnitus – A Match Made in Heaven

    stress and tinnitus

    Here’s an old story about arrows. If you’ll indulge me, you’ll see how it relates to stress and Tinnitus… Shortly after the first arrow strikes, your mind goes on a rampage, adding to the pain of the first. You might even add a third, fourth or fifth arrow. In the analogy, the first arrow represents the […]

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    Food Can Be a Tinnitus Cure. Here’s Why Your Doctor Doesn’t Know That

    Tinnitus Cure

    Food as a Tinnitus Cure If you’ve been around Stop the Ringing for any length of time, you probably know that I’m constantly harping on how the food we eat has a massive impact on Tinnitus. In fact, I’ve written a book on it, which you can download below, completely free. That’s how important the […]

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    Ringing in Ears? Some Say it’s a Message From the Spiritual Realm

    ringing in ears

    So here’s a new take on Tinnitus. Well, maybe it’s not new but it certainly is new to me… According to the website Before It’s News, ringing in ears (or whooshing or buzzing) could be a sign that you’re being summoned to a higher spiritual dimension. Now, I try to keep an open mind toward […]

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    Tinnitus Treatment With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

    tinnitus treatment

    Can a “Head Shrinker” really deliver effective Tinnitus Treatment? While it may not be a “cure”, psychotherapy is a very good approach to living a happy life in spite of Tinnitus. What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? This is the official definition, according to Psychology Today: OK, great. What does that have to do with […]

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    Why Tinnitus Miracle Cures Work for Some People and Not For Others

    tinnitus miracle?

    Tinnitus is a condition that’s rife with folk remedies, Tinnitus miracle cures and all kinds of wacky stuff. Oddly, some people report very real results from these treatments, even while others dismiss them as junk science. I was compelled to write this post when a member in our Private Facebook Group posted that her Chiropractor […]

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    Tinnitus • How to Keep an Open Mind Despite the Ringing


    SCAM! FRAUD! RIPOFF! STRING THIS GUY UP AND RIP OUT HIS TOENAILS! Slow down there, angry mob… If you’re a fan of Stop the Ringing at our public Facebook page or our private Facebook Group, you might have already seen the letter below. I wrote it on another Facebook group page, in response to someone […]

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    Recognizing Veterans With Tinnitus for Memorial Day

    Soldiers and Tinnitus

    In honor of Memorial Day, we here at Stop the Ringing would like to take this chance to recognize the many current and former service members who developed Tinnitus as a result of their tours of duty. In the US, Memorial Day is traditionally a day to pay respect to our fallen service members, not […]

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    Scientists Make a Quantum Leap in Tinnitus Research

    tinnitus in the brain

    Groundbreaking Tinnitus Research For the first time in history, researchers have mapped the impulses of the brain responsible for the “auditory phantom” know as Tinnitus. And the results are nothing short of astonishing. For as long as we’ve been digging into the subject, Tinnitus has been believed to center around the auditory cortex, the bundle […]

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    An In-Depth Look at What Causes Tinnitus

    what causes tinnitus

    Stop the Ringing has a very active page on Facebook where people share their stories of triumph and turmoil with Tinnitus. Check it out here. One thing I’ve noticed in the many conversations on that Facebook page is that some people have concrete ideas about what causes Tinnitus and seem unwaveringly attached to them. My […]

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